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@tag in SessionCreator

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@tag in SessionCreator



I have 2 different questions.


1.)  When I want to run multiple KeywordTests in command line with SessionCreator, "and" operator does not work. "or", "or not", "and not" are working fine. But "and" does not work. ( /tags:"@Login and @Logout" ). I have try in different ways but still did not work. How can I run multiple test with SessionCreator? Any suggestion?  


2.) When I use same tag name for multiple tests and run this tag in command line, how can I arrange the order of the tests?


the "AND, NOT, OR" are boolean expressions, so I'm guessing that in your case, you dont have test cases that have BOTH the login and logout tags.

Justin Kim
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Thank you for your answer.

I try to run the tags which I have on my project. When I run them separately with the single tag name, tests run fine. But with the "and" operation does not work.  

When I run "@Login and @Logout", It perceives as if it is a single tag and says no such tag was found.



Execution order of tests started by tag is not guaranteed. Organize tests in required order using Test Items and start execution by test item if execution order matters.


To be on the safe side:

a) Can you confirm that there is at least one test that has both @Login and @Logout tags assigned to it? Can you provide a screenshot?

b) Can you provide a screenshot of the output provided by SessionCreator when it fails to start test by tag?


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Thanks, Community!


Hi @SK2020 ! Did you find the answer to your question? Otherwise, please provide the info Alex is requesting.



Sonya Mihaljova
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Thank you for the help I solved the issue.

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