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screen resolution


screen resolution

I create and run my keyword and script in my laptop connect to the monitor. It runs fine. But when I present in the meeting room with bigger screen or run on my laptop (not connecting to the monitor), the keyword test and script is unable to perform properly in different resolution. I have the web page that are developed on frame, which the only way I can create the test is to use the coordination. How can I resolve this screen resolution issue? 

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It's generally recommended that you don't use screen coordinates for this very reason.


See if this helps you get to your objects:

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Something in your automation is screen resolution dependant.

If it's a web application, part of it might be that components are scrolled off the bottom of the screen or something.  In that case, you can call a "scrollIntoView" call for those components to make sure they are on screen when you need them.

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My "current project properties" is set as tree model. I try DOM, Hybrid, TAG, then run the test, the lowest level in the object browser is still show as vframe. We are using Chrome for our application.


I have also set "enable support for web components" in   "current project properties". I don't see any tree after vframe as show in the document.


If we can get this frame method works, I believe this should fix the screen resolution.


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