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"Unspecified error" occurs randomly

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"Unspecified error" occurs randomly

Hi everyone,


I got unsoecified error sometimes when running my script and it occured randomly. I don't think it was my code issue, because if I run the script again it will go through ok. Does anyone know how I can deal with this kind of issue?


Thank you!

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If you double click on the error, where does it take you?  Obviously, something is going wrong.  We can't tell you WHY the error is happening if we don't see the code.  If you can't share the code, at least tell use what is going on at the point the error is occurring.

We can't answer why an error is happening if we don't know the code that is spawning the error.  More information needed.

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@tristaanogre is right. We need more info from You to help You resolve the issue.

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Hi @whuang , is there any progress on this issue? We will be happy to help you resolve it if you give us a bit more information. It’s difficult to suggest anything based on the text of this error – Unspecified error. 

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