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"Operations" Tab Missing in Workspace

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"Operations" Tab Missing in Workspace

The Operations tab is missing in the Workspace for 1 user. We tried "Restore Default Docking", but it did not surface. How do we restore the Operations column?


Ok Workspace:




Problem Workspace:



Thank you, Heidi / Quality Assurance Specialist
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You have a log open in your screenshot and Operations doesn't show there.  Open a test and see if Operations comes back.

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As @Marsha_R pointed out, the operations pane is part of the panel used for editing keyword tests.  If you have a different type of tab open (log, script unit, project properties), they will display their specific panels and tool bars. Every tab in the workspace has different things that are within the context of that thing... the "Operation" panel only shows when editing keyword tests because it only applies to editing keyword tests.

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