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"Multiple versions of same extension found. Selecting the highest version" Warning

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"Multiple versions of same extension found. Selecting the highest version" Warning

Hi all,


I've got issues on the Web tests execution within the Azure DevOps release (SmartBear Extension is not retrieved as installed, even if all the prerequisites are correctly installed within the machine and the tcrHost file is correctly configured basing on the registry key). So, I'm trying to understand step by step what could be the real issue... 


I see this warning on the log of the Visual Studio Test (Test Plan) task:


##[warning]DiscoveryMessage : Multiple versions of same extension found. Selecting the highest version.

[debug]Processed: ##vso[task.logissue type=warning;]DiscoveryMessage : Multiple versions of same extension found. Selecting the highest version.
xunit.runner.visualstudio.dotnetcore.testadapter :

Anyone have got any idea on how this warning can be solved?


Below some other details:

- within the release, I revert the VM to a checkpoint that have got Test Execute and the SmartBear Extension installed within the browser

- before the Visual Studio Test (Test Plan) task I've got both the "Visual Studio Test Platform Installer" and the "Enable support for TestComplete tests" tasks (as explained within the documentation)


What can I check? Why the test execution task retrieves multiple versions for xunit.runner.visualstudio.dotnetcore.testadapter ?


Let me know if you need more details.




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Do you actually have multiple versions of that file?  Try renaming the old ones and see if that helps.

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Thank you, Marsha!


@simonaferrara does this advice help?

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