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"JScript runtime error" at Webservice ClientCertificate object

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"JScript runtime error" at Webservice ClientCertificate object

I use the QAComplete's psWS Webservices in my Project with HTTPS protocol. 

My Code:


function _Test_Ws()
  var tmp = Ws_GetVersion();
  //var tmp = Ws_GetLoginInfo(wsObj);
  return true;

function ServiceCertificate()
  var service, crd, certificate;

  service = WebServices.QAComplete;
  crd = service.Credentials;
  certificate = crd.ClientCertificate;
  certificate.SetCertificateEx(slLocalMachine, snMy, ftFindBySerialNumber, "6b46030c65549b4c83d07690102358f0e315eead");


function Ws_GetVersion()
  // Ws_GetVersion() - QAComplete GetVersion WebService
  // Out: wsObj - webservice-nek megfelelő objektum

  var wsObj = new Object();


    wsObj = WebServices.QAComplete.GetVersion();
    var a = 1;
  catch (e)
    Log.Error( + " \r\n" + e.description);

  return wsObj;



It's perfect run in TestComplete and TestExecute v10. When I try run it in v10+ TestComplete or TestExecute I give the next error:

JScript runtime error.
Az objektumot kötelező megadni.
Error location:
Unit: "TestAutomata\TestAutomata\Script\_RunWebservice"
Line: 46 Column: 3.


I attached the error in picuter.

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What it sounds like is that there is a problem at the root with the QAComplete Web Service.  Something doesn't sound like it's compatible with later versions of TC/TE.


Can you provide screenshots of that web service within the TestComplete project?

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Thanks for your trying!

I solved the problem! The solution is in the TestComplete parameter.

Tools > Options > Engines > Web Services > Prefferd Web Service API

  • .NET WCF - Default settings
  • Native

I changed this parameter to "Native" from default and now my code works all TC version.

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