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" Error: the Object invoked has disconnected from its clients " is displayed while using Object Spy.

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" Error: the Object invoked has disconnected from its clients " is displayed while using Object Spy.



i am trying to record a keyword test and while playing back the object was not being identified ( it was clicking on some other option on the screen) hence was trying to 

check for the properties using Objec  Spy -> Point and Fix option.


in the Properties -> for Enabled / Height / visible / Width -> i see the Error: the Object invoked has disconnected from its clients "


and when clicked on "Object browser" on the Object spy window it says:


Uanble to highlight this object in the object tree, because it does not exist.


Can some one help here.


Test Complete version: 14.0.317.


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Most probably this means that the target object was destroyed and recreated in the tested application's code and this invalidated the reference to the initial object that TestComplete worked with. You need to search for the object a-new and use new found object.


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how can i do that , can you please elaborate.


Thank you


In your test where you are clicking on this object, add a line right before it to wait for it to exist before you move on.  The Wait functions are good for this:

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i realized what mistake i was doing, while using the "Point and Fix"  option 


i was highlighting the object and then performing a click action and then was keying Ctrl+Shift+A


hence it was returning error as Test Complete didnt knew what to read after click.


the correct way was to highlight the object that is to be identified and then key in Ctrl+Shift+A.


it worked.


Thank you


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