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open file with edge

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open file with edge

Hello to all,
I have a problem with the edge test.
when i try to make him open a file with edge the test dies. I am using, as suggested in the documentation, this statement: Window ("# 32770", "Open"). OpenFile ("C: \\ MyFile.txt"); do you have any alternative solution that can also work for edge?

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Could you give us the error message encountered ?


To select a file in open dialog in old Edge i use something like this:


let selectFiles = Sys.Browser("*").Window("#32770", "Open", 1);
if (selectFiles != null) {
  selectFiles.Window("ComboBoxEx32", "", 1).Window("ComboBox", "", 1).Window("Edit", "", 1).SetText(FileToSelect);
  if (selectFiles.FindChild('WndCaption', "&Open").Exists)
    selectFiles.Window("Button", "&Open", 1).ClickButton();



But if you speak about the new Edge, didn't use it a lot but as it's a chromium app perhaps it has changed a bit.

Use TC spy to introspect the dialog and find correct class/name.


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