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missing visualizer images

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missing visualizer images


I have a test suit runs for around 12/13 hours.

Recenty upgraded to 12.6 with no problem, it runs ok after that as well.

but from this week I found that after running for around 5 hours images are not captured it used to be.

It indicate 'Has Picture' But actual image is empty


To avoid refreshing issues, there are 12 points where my application completely shutdown and re- logon. 

When test suit go through a shutdown point, it start capture images as supposed to be.


there are not much structural changes in application itself. if there is , theoritically it shouldn't stop capturing /saving images and I should be expect rather slowing all process. 


What could be the course to happen this? The suite run on dedicated machine 4CPU-i5 with windows-10 , with enough memory (8GB) enough disc-space. Visualizer capture is on Desctop level


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Disk space might not be the issue, memory might.  It's possible that the RAM on the machine is just getting to used up for the visualizer images to properly write to disk.

Truthfully, I don't use visualizer unless I'm doing debugging to figure out why something failed.  I find that the log file size is too cumbersome to deal with on a regular basis.  Something you can TRY is to turn on the "auto-save" of the log.  This is under Tools | Current Project Properties | Playback.  Set the "Save log every " setting to something other than zero.  This will make sure the log is flushed to disk regularly.  

I'd also recommend, if it's not set, to set "Store last ___ events" to something like 10 or 20.  There really is no need to log every button click, text entry, etc., throughout the test.  It fills up your log and clutters things up.  This setting, whenever a Warning or Error is logged, will write out the configured number of "event" entries leading up to the message to assist with debugging.

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