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member not found error is seen.

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member not found error is seen.

any suggestions why I am getting this error:


Run the below script:


var flag = 0;
for(var i= 0;i<Grid.wRowCount;i++){
if(String(Grid.wValue(i,1))== "500322" && String(Grid.wValue(i,2))== "COUNTRY" && String(Grid.wValue(i,3))== "TEST" && String(Grid.wValue(i,4))== "Canada"){
Log.Message("Row exists");
flag = 1;

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I would contact SmartBear support directly then... 

Although, based upon your most recent screenshot, you still have something going wrong with wItemCount which seems to indicate some Object Mapping still hanging around out there.  Go through ALL the object mapping on your project and make sure you've removed all custom references and the XtraGrid is ONLY under the DevExpress Winforms section.

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