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machine performance


machine performance


I want to know if a machine characteristics ccan affect testComplete or (testExecute) results?

In fact, I am running my tests on two different windows server 2003 32 bit,

one with 0,97 GB of RAM and the second one with 512 MB of RAM and it always succeed on the second one,

and sometimes fails on the first one because it does not find an object, control or window.

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If the first one has more RAM, it could potentially be operating at a higher speed of processing your automation.  If the application being tested is operating at a (relatively) constant performance (such as a static amount of time between clicking a button and getting a response), it could be that the scripts are expecting the next button, form, component, page, window, etc, to be present before the application has actually presented it.  We've had that occur in our environments.

If this is the case, solution would be to embed "Wait" routines in certain time critical sections of your automation where, after performing an action, you need to wait for something to process before you perform the next action. 

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Hi Cyri,

If Robert's advice does not help, send us your project along with the failed execution results. We will try to find out the cause of the test execution failure. You can send us the project via the Contact Support form (
Dmitry Nikolaev

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