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keyboard Input Disabled

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keyboard Input Disabled

hello everyone, i have a problem and i need help.
when i run my project, errror message appears. "Unable to process keyboard input into the disabled control."

before the recording prosess i can confirm that my keyboard has entered a value and i used "Delay" but not working well.


Hi gede,


The error sounds like it is more about the interaction with the control itself being "disabled".

Though delays can fix some issues, it might not be needed to resolve this.


I assume a click action on the text field would enable I would add a click step, before sending the keys to the text field.


See if that fixes it, and let me know what happens.

New Contributor

hello @brumazz i apologize for the late response. i have done according to your suggestion but it doesn't work well.
i have used Item Image Based Action with operation Click and the error I receive is still the same.

Why are you using an image based action?

Does TC not see the object?

I feel like this should be an easy fix, if we could setup some time.

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