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how to use a button's add_Click function?

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how to use a button's add_Click function?

hello all.

      I see that a button has many add_xxx functions, such as add_Click(), add_Drop(), add_Loaded()...

      but I never find the help information about them from the tutorial, official website and other websites.

      I wonder where to find the relative usage?

      The picture is as followed:




     thank you very much!


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What did you try in your script and what happened when you did?

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I am studying  the unknown  knowledge  about test complete,  and there are so many add_xxx methods...

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TestComplete simply detects the methods that are there.  It doesn't create them.  What language are you using for your script?

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I use java script.

In the methods tab item, other methods are available, such as Click, drag. so in my opinion, the add_xxx methods are also available, but I don't know their parameter format.



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Methods you are talking about are all under the .NET group. This means that they are native (public) methods provided by the given .Net control (button in your case) and are accessible (callable) for TestComplete ( You should search relevant .Net documentation (documentation for the WPF button of certain class and version in your case) or talk to your developers in order to get the overall description and parameters definition for this or that native .Net control's method.


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