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float license question


float license question


I want to know, if I purchase float license, How many computers could work with it ? it means how many testcomplete workstation can we have ? is it limited or no, we can have testcomplete in all company's computer? if there is limitation, what is the maximum number ?

another question is , if I purchase float license, Could I run distributed testing, or I must to purchase Test Execute?


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When you buy a floating license, you buy it for a number of "seats".


So if you bought 3 on a floating license, 3 people can use TestComplete simultaneously. I'm pretty sure you could install it on 10 different machines, but only 3 could be in use at any given time.


TestExecute works exactly the same way.


Pretty standard licensing setup really.


You don't *have* to use TestExecute for distributed testing. But it would be a lot cheaper to buy a bunch of TE licenses than it would TC ones ....

thanks for your answer, but, still I do't understand  if I want to work on 5 computers concurrent It is enough to buy one float license (2500$+1998$) or I should buy (5*(2500$+1998$))? 

If you want 5 concurrent, then you need 5 licenses.


You're still buying seats. Simply of the floating license type ....

sorry, I have another question too 🙂

If I want to buy 2 float license , I have to buy 2 TestComplete Platform Floating User license too, or just one platform is enough for any seat ? 

You need as many licenses as you will have concurrent users using the feature.


If you want two people to use TestComplete at the same time, you'll need at least two Platform licenses.  However, TestComplete is not useful without some module (Desktop, Web, Mobile) licenses.  If you decide that your two users need to (concurrently) use the Desktop module, then you'll also need two Desktop licenses as well.  If you decide, for some reason, that one user will only ever do Desktop testing and the other user will only ever do Web testing, then you'll need one Desktop license and one Web license (in addition to your two Platform licenses).

Hi Joseph

thanks for your replay

I need some information for example :

I want to know about support after buy license , type of support?  price of support ? duration of support ( one year or ... )?

if I buy TestComplete version 12 , and after some month version 13 release could I have update ? or not ? if yes, how many times I can update ? or generally what is update procedure ? is it free or not ? 

finally last question 🙂 if I buy license from US or Europe, could I use it for Asia ?  




The license itself is not tied to any region regardless of where you purchase it.


The rest of your questions are best answered by a salesman.  You can contact Sales at


Email us at or call: U.S. +1 617-684-2600, EMEA +353 91-39830



thanks so much

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