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file selection


file selection

Here is another question, if you don't mind.

There is a Windows application with a toolbar across that has File  Search  Help.

(see attachment).


I want to select something from "File" (but to avoid giving proprietary information I am going to ask about selecting from "Help" which is the same principal).

See the second attached.  I am able to successfully click "File" (and therefore "Help") by using

["SwingObject"]("JMenuBar", "File", 0) or ["SwingObject"]("JMenuBar", "File", 0), but then when I try to use the object spy I can't clicki it without the menu closing again so the sub menus are not there.

Is there some way to keep a menu open, or otherwise determine the value of the field?  And not, selecting preferences will bring yet another menu which I need to access.  (And I am really selecting from file, but we might have confidential information there).


(This is Connect and C#)




Yes, test complete.  Ad yeah, I know, Test Left is taking over 😉  But I have to go with decisions made above my level.  I do use Object Spy in Test Complete to try to identify objects.


Even though I can't use now, I want to read a bit of Test Left to see how it works.  I have trouble figuring out the syntax of Connect anyway.

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