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export Pie Chart in test results in sendmail

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export Pie Chart in test results in sendmail

is there any way to send pie chart of testcomplete result in sendmail function?
currently i am running test from cmd line and export mht file and excel file in drive and reading excel cell and sending the result in email using sendmail.

it would be nice i can export some more detailed report as well as mht file exceeds in size i cant attach in email. but atlist if i can get the piechart which testcomplete generates would be great
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Currently, no.  That chart is a built in feature of TestComplete's log parser.  When you export the logs out, you're just getting the logs... the report needs to be built from that.  Feel free to make a suggestion as a new feature.

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Thanks so much Robert for replying to my Post. 🙂

I will raise a feature request.

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