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deleting name mapping images / TestComplete record function malfunction

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deleting name mapping images / TestComplete record function malfunction



While developing tests in TestComplete it saves images of each of the elements clicked on the page in the name mapping repository. This can cause the size of the TestComplete folder to very quickly grow to be multiple gigabytes. If the user deletes these images will it have an effect on the name mapping?


Also, has anyone else run into issues with the TestComplete record function linking to different objects on the web page than the ones you clicked while recording the tests? I have recorded tests and had this happen multiple times, causing significantly more resources (time, manpower, etc.) to be used to record a successful test, thereby lessening the value of the automated test.


Any advice is appreciated.

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1. Deleting images from NameMapping will not affect anything.


2. Probably some of your application elements have dynamically changed properties. Better if you will provide more details on your application, problem objects and its properties and values and so on.

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As for storing the images and turning it off, if you have not found it already, on the NameMapping page where you edit your mapping, across the top of the panel is a "gear" button (it's a gear in TC 12.40... in TC12.31 I think it's a drop down control).  Click there and turn off the option for storing images.

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