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cannot modify Values property of DBTable object

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cannot modify Values property of DBTable object

I am working with TestComplete 7.50.653.7, and I cannot modify the Values object as documented at:;dbtable;elements

Even though I am working with a copy of the stored data, it is necessary to do this modification prior to running compare, as we have another procedure that determines what the true expected value is (and this expected value can change).

When I attempt to modify the Values property via:

DBTables.DBTable1.Values(0, 0) = "My new text"

I get the error message:

Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment: 'DBTable1.Values'

I have tried this using VBScript and JScript.

Regardless of what scripting I use, I can read this value without any issue, I just cannot set it.

It appears this is either a bug with TestComplete, or there is some setting that is not set correctly.  I can work around this by enabling "Tools - Options - Stores - [Update DBTable elements]", but I don't want to do this as we have other test cases that are static, and these would be overwritten if an incorrect value is encountered.

In short  these are the issues / feature requests:

(1) Cannot set the Values property of a DBTable object.

(2) It would be really good feature to have the [Update DBTable Elements (when running compare)] be settable for each DBTable object, either when setting up the checkpoint (as a static property) and/or as a parameter to the Compare method.

Hi Alex,

The DBTable.Values and Table.Values properties became read-write only in TestComplete 7.51. Please see the new features of TestComplete 7.51 here:

Dmitry Nikolaev

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