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background color

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background color

Hi everyone
I have a problem with the backgroud color of an object, I can't understand how to detect it. Using the object spy on the object, there is no property that tells me the color. Do you have any suggestions?

thank you very much

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Use pixel property of the picture of the object


Example of use:

  qa.system.isCheckedTCheckListBox (OBJECT CheckListBox, INTEGER Item, INTEGER CheckColor)
    Check state of a TCheckListBox item (must be visible)
    CheckListBox is the TCheckListBox object to check
    Item is the line number to check
    CheckColor is the color code of checkbox. Default value is clBlack
    Return true if item is checked
  qa.system.isCheckedTCheckListBox = function (CheckListBox, Item, CheckColor = clBlack) {
    var found = false;
    try {
      var image = CheckListBox.Picture(CheckListBox.wItemBounds(Item).Left + 4, CheckListBox.wItemBounds(Item).Top + 7, 8, 8, false);
      for (var i = 0;i<8;i++) {
        for (var j = 0;j<8;j++) {
          if (image.Pixels(i, j) == CheckColor) {
            found = true;
          if (found)
    catch(e) {
      qa.system.logExceptionByLevel(e, 'isCheckedTCheckListBox()', null, 'Warning');
    return found;


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I was just wondering how to write something like that! I have to test it!


Do you have any idea how to define a color if I see no value in ObjectSpy?


A color is not saved as an object property.



To know the color on screen use a good screen capture software (like ShareX which has built-in on-screen color reader).

Or do a reverse like using a loop from the picture of the object and logging the pixel value (wich is the color value).

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Is this a web app or desktop app?  If a web app, you might be able to get the color from the CSS on the object.

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Extensions available

This is a desktop application.


The problem is even more unusual because it's about background verifications on the site with which the only interaction for me is searching for content using:

Using Text Recognition Technology


I'm looking for a single value on the fence ->
I'm looking for TextObject("") ->
and now how do you get a background here?


I can artificially use the above function by wandering left and right coordination.


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Hi Guys,

I like BenoitB's approach. @Wamboo, are you working with @asavoia?

If you use the TextObject method to get the needed text, I think it should be possible to treat the obtained rectangle as an image. After that, you can calculate the background color as the most common pixel color in the object or the first 2 px from top and from left (depending on what you TextObject will return.

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No, I don't work with asavoia.


Tanya your solution is a very good idea. I definitely need to test it.


Thank you all for your help.

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