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aqFileSystem.Exists: Is there a way to add wildcard characters in the filename?


aqFileSystem.Exists: Is there a way to add wildcard characters in the filename?




After I click on Download Excel button present in my application., I have a function that has to wait until download finishes using "aqFileSystem.Exists(filenameWithPath)" as a check. The download file gets downloaded in my Download folder. Let's say my file name is ReportName


So, my code looks something like this:




The above code works fine only 1st time ReportName gets downloaded. What if I run my script again and the file downloads? It actually appends (1)  and then next time again (2) and so to the filename. So it becomes ReportName (1).xlsx , ReportName (2).xlsx and so on. So in this scenario above code will fail.


To avoid the above issue, I tried doing this (hoping wildcard character match works):



But it didn't work. It returns false, although the file is downloaded and present in the path.


Please help.

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I can't answer the question as asked having never come across it. As a matter of habit, what I would do in script would be

- do the stuff that generates the download.

- check that the downloaded file exists.

- clean up (delete) the downloaded file.


Thus next run, the file does not have a counter appended to it. 


One option. Hopefully someone can chime in on your question as asked.

The checking for a File existence with a wildcard is a bad practice.

As @vthomeschoolmom  said the right way to do this is to delete the file during each run after exists return true.



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aqFileSystem.FindFiles() ?


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FindFiles could work.  Then if the array returned has a length greater than 0, at least one file exists.



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If this were me, I would not love this check. This check - finding any file that may have been downloaded, does not adaquately consider whether or not what is being found is THIS file from THIS run. Thus the method suggested. ymmv

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