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aqEnvironment.RebootAndContinue insufficient permissions

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aqEnvironment.RebootAndContinue insufficient permissions

I am trying to execute a RebootAndContinue as follows:


function Reboot()
  	var password = ProjectSuite.Variables.WindowsLoginPassword;
	aqEnvironment.RebootAndContinue("Administration.AfterReboot", password);

function AfterReboot()
	Log.Message("Reboot occured.");

Upon running the Reboot function, I receive "Insufficient permissions". My user is in the local administrator group. My shortcut, which is the ONLY way I load TC has run as administrator selected.


I talked to my network guy, and he cannot think of anything that would cause this. Help? Tahnks.

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Re: aqEnvironment.RebootAndContinue insufficient permissions

Have you tried explicitly declaring the username and domain for the login?

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