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8 years ago

TestComplete iOS bypass permission alert



We would like to fresh install our app prior to running a test set. However doing so prompts the permission message about allowing push notifications. From what I can tell, there's no way to address this message from TestComplete since it doesn't show up in the object browser. Does someone know of a way where I can get passed the permission message without having to do it manually? I've tried using a touch command on the device with specific coordinates, but this does not work. 



  • Hi,


    TestComplete cannot work with such messages as they are displayed by the iOS not by an instrumented app.


    We have investigated and evaluated the resources needed for this support. This is a big project. Mobile testing is an important direction for our product, so we consider to include this task in our Dev plan, but cannot commit to any ETA at this moment.


    But, as far as I know, once you click this notification manually, it won't be displayed anymore for this app.

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