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application freeze


application freeze


The problem is that after I press these buttons a new applicaiton window appears(do not know why, but it is csrss.exe dialog box) and after we press Okay on that form the main application unfreezes. The problem is that we do not know when thesse window will show up, so we put them into the unexpected window handler, but it will not trigger, becasue i think the main application is frozen and it is waiting for it. We can not ignore in freezer diagnostic the main app, because it freezes for 30se c-1 min randomly but it will continue running.

Any ideas? Robot Frustrated 







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Find the cause of this unexpected windows:

Normally crss.exe is linked to the management of user mode in Windows and it depend of sms process (session management).

Its a Windows internal process.

Does your application is runned into a specific user mode or in it's internal it modify user mode level ?

Perhaps sign of a misconception or security hole of the app.



While the cause is not found, developp a specific click method that you call instead of standard click.

In this method, use low level click instead of object click, add a timeout watchdog, add a crsss Windows management (detect and close) and voila !


To do low level click, i share my method on this forum:


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Great advice @BenoitB , thank you!


Hi @bealefay! Did the solution work for you?

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@bealefay any updates?


Sonya Mihaljova
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