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Working with QT application - 6.4.1

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Working with QT application - 6.4.1

My application is using QT 6.4.1 technology. I have my TC updated to 15.46. Our atp's working previously are not working anymore. The reason seems to be name mapping is changed.

Also now most of the toolbars are NOT accessible by Test Complete. We have gone through QT documentation available in help.

Can someone please help us with solution - what needs to be done to make more controls from products to be visible and accessible by Test Complete for QT 6.4.1. Thanks in advance.

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If the test stopped working right after you upgraded your TestComplete to 15.46, then I would contact Support directly. Here's the link

The atp's stopped working even before we upgraded TC TO 15.46.

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This statement "I have my TC updated to 15.46. Our atp's working previously are not working anymore.", implies that it was working before upgrading. Now you are saying it was not working before upgrading !?


I suggest you check your name mappings, and see what has changed. Also, check what's changed in your application.





thanks for your reply. Out atp's were working on our products builds before. But with new builds they stopped working. Only thing they told us that it is using QT 6.4.1 (upgraded from previous version). So as a solution we tried upgrading TC to 15.46 but in vain.

We had to change whole namemapping as parents objects are not identified any more in new builds.

Has someone came across similar issues before? Any product using QT 6.4.1 and using TC for automation please reply. 

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So the underlying UI object ID's have changed due to using QT 6.4.1. If that's the case, then the name mappings in TC will need to be updated to reflect the changes.


Unfortunately, this is one of the drawbacks - similar to when Edge and Chrome have been updated, certain features will stop working in TC.

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