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Working from home? How is it?

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Working from home? How is it?


Day N.
Still working from home.

I turned out that I can cook! And even wash the dishes Smiley Happy It’s almost as relaxing as going home from work through the park.

Also, I’ve found out what my cat does while I am away all day. Nothing. He literally sleeps for 10 hours straight. On the bright side – my Zoom meetings have a great background now - my cat. During video calls all my colleagues can see him sleeping on the back of the armchair Cat Happy


So many of us are working remotely nowadays. Some already got used to it. For me (and for many people, I suppose) this is a brand-new experience. 

Let’s try helping each other out by sharing advice and our personal experience of how to make working from home more productive and, more importantly, comfortable.


Leave your comments here:

What are the best practices of working remotely?


Say 'Hi' to my cat MartySay 'Hi' to my cat Marty

Sonya Mihaljova
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You have 1 cat... I have three... and they are ALWAYS sitting in front of my monitor.  Rather hard to work when the screen is all fuzzy. 🙂

Generally, I do OK here.  I have this LOVELY back deck that overlooks a wood lot and stream behind my house.  On nice days, I sit back there with my laptop and write automation code to my hearts content.


My work from home spaceMy work from home spaceTangoTangoBonitaBonitaClydeClyde

Robert Martin
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Why automate?  I do automated testing because there's only so much a human being can do and remain healthy.  Sleep is a requirement.  So, while people sleep, automation that I create does what I've described above in order to make sure that nothing gets past the final defense of the testing group.
I love good food, good books, good friends, and good fun.

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Robert, seem a lovely place you are !


Remote working is a habit that i have but only not-so-long duration and normally without children.


So, with two children at home, and my wife working at hospital (warm kisses to her and everyone helping others) it's no the same. And especially having a poor network rate .. so using my phone as wifi hotspot (which is perfectly running btw and hopefully i've a very big data plan)


The good things, it was a very long time that i wasn't on this forum so i'm back (i was here with another pseudo)



Oh .. btw for me it's dog .. Here's Pearl my young border-collie and i have a lovely small forest near home.










Un sourire et ça repart

I work remotely full time, but occassionaly I work in the office (maybe 1 or 2 days a couple times a year).  What would take me 8 hours to complete in the office, I can usually complete in 5 hours when at home. So long story short I can complete a lot more now than I could when I worked in the office.  When I am in the office there is so much side bar conversations or interruptions.  When working remotely, I start the day with work that I know needs to be done and I can just work. No interruptions.


Now with this COVID-19 and schools being closed, my first grader is now home with me.  I am not sure what we would of done if both my wife and I had to be in the office.  


There are many forms of communication I use with the rest of the team that I am on, so talking to each other is never an issue.  


My wife and I have an understanding that I will not do any house work during my working hours, unless it is over my lunch.  I work and treat the day just as I am in the office.

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@tristaanogre the cats are adorable! I always wanted to have more cats but not sure how Morty (lately I've been calling him that more than Marty tbh Smiley Happy) is going to react, a true lion he is! Also, extremely fuzzy even for 1 cat.DSC09910.JPG


@BenoitB warmest hugs to your wife! She's doing a very important thing!

Ah yes, poor network connection would be an issue for many people I guess.

We are glad to have you back, I wish the circumstances could be better. I am curious - what was your other pseudo?


@jhall68w Great to hear that working from home can be even more efficient! I guess we just have to adapt a little. 

Sonya Mihaljova
Community and Education Specialist

@sonya_m  txs for her and all over the world who try to help.


My previous pseudo was bbi


If you could merge my infos, it would be great. I cannot access to my previous profile because associated with an email address not anymore valid.



Un sourire et ça repart

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@BenoitB just sent you a PMSmiley Happy

Sonya Mihaljova
Community and Education Specialist

SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

BTW, we have more work-from-home posts now, check them out by the tag: workfromhome

Cat Happy

Sonya Mihaljova
Community and Education Specialist

I would love to be writing automation from home right now. Unfortunately, right at the outset of the pandemic, my company terminated 33 employees, myself included. I was really getting the hang of TestComplete. In the six months I was with them I developed about 150 automation scripts for both the desktop and the web-based applications used by our banking clients. I have been looking for QA Analyst/Engineer positions with local companies but haven't found any that utilize TestComplete.


If there are any employers out there that want to hire me to code TestComplete scripts remotely I'm available. Send me a link where I can apply. I can work on a contract basis if necessary. My resume is attached.


David Hundley

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