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Working With Excel Files via COM: set required sheet as active using javascript


Working With Excel Files via COM: set required sheet as active using javascript

I am using excel, which has two sheets. I have to use COM to read excel because of microsoft access database issue.

I have to access the second sheet in the excel based on its name.


Code is as below

var Excel = getActiveXObject("Excel.Application");
var excel_sheet = Excel.workbook.worksheets.getItem("sheetname");
Log.Message(Excel.Cells.Item(1, 1));


I am getting error at '

var excel_sheet = Excel.workbook.worksheets.getItem("sheetname");


Error is showing as 

JavaScript runtime error.
TypeError: Cannot read property 'worksheets' of undefined
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My rough guess is that the problem is not on that line but actually on the line where you're opening the file.  "Excel.workbook" is undefined which means there was a problem opening the workbook.


What is the value of the excel path?

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Hi @tristaanogre ,


excelpath is as below

var dataFileName="PartDetails.xlsx";
var sCurPath = Sys.OleObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject").GetAbsolutePathName(".");
var excelPath = sCurPath + "\\Data\\" + dataFileName;


I am not getting any error when removed mentioned two lines of code, the value of active sheet is getting retrieved.


I am using those lines to point to specific sheet. is the two lines of code is correct or is there any others methods to make specific sheet using COM object and in javascript?


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Try this out,



Excelbook= Excel.Workbooks.Open(filePath);
var xlsheet = Excel.ActiveWorkBook.WorkSheets.Item(SheetName);



I am using the aove and its working 

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Thank you everyone for help! 

Hi @anumolu9999  , did you find a solution? Did you have a chance to try what SebastianP is suggesting? 

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Thank you @SebastianP 

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