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Wix and testcomplete

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Wix and testcomplete


Our dev team has recently migrated from WISE installs to Wix.  Our functional automation team was very enthusiastic about this because we were under the impression that the object mapping for Wix would utilize CLR and therefore make finding controls easier for us.  In the past with WISE we were forced in some cases to map controls based on the label associated with that control.  This is because we could not rely on a unique identifier for the control  on a given screen during a given installation.  Most controls were represented as UIA controls or MSAA controls with no consistent naming.  We have browsed the installs now implemented with Wix and the mapping really hasn't changed much.  Most controls are still UIA or MSAA.  Some members of our group were under the impression that these controls would map to .NET NativeClrObjects.  One member claims to have got this to work on a particular machine.  As of yet we have not been able to reproduce this. 

My question is, is there a way to get these controls to map to NativeClrObjects.  Is there something we are missing or were we mistaken that these controls could be represented as NativeClrObjects?




If the target controls are really .NET ones, and you have the .NET Open Applications Support plug-in installed, try disabling MSAA and UIA in your project (see the "Project Properties - MSAA Options" and "Project Properties - UI Automation Options" help topics). Also, move NativeClrObject up in the Open Application priority settings (see the "Project Properties - General Open Applications Options" help topic).
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