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Wintertainment Add - Remove AD from TC Workspace?

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Wintertainment Add - Remove AD from TC Workspace?

Hi All,


I have fired up my TC v14 application after the Thanksgiving break and found that the Smart Bear Wintertainment AD is always on the Right Side of the screen... Right in the middle of my coding real estate.   See my screen shot.SmartBea_Ad.jpg


Is there a way to disable / dismiss this AD so that I can work again??  

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If you simply click on the bell button in the top right, it will minimize the window.  This acts as acknowledging the notification and it won't popup again unless you click on the bell symbol again.


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Hi @stevereissps

Click the right top corner of the image. There should be the X icon. Perhaps, it is not visible on this color. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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