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Windows Store apps opening along with TestComplete 11 on Windows 10

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Windows Store apps opening along with TestComplete 11 on Windows 10

So i just installed Windows 10 Pro (build 10240) and just recently started using TestComplete on this machine.


I believe when I installed it asked if I might want to test Windows Store apps, which is very possible that I will be doing.


So now if I open up ether a pjs or the testcomplete exe, it also opens up One Note (Store app), Xbox One Store app and the Sports app that the store automatically installs with windows. I only want TestComplete to open, not a bunch of extra apps.


The last update for Windows was (KB3081455) on 10/19 and I have seen windows updates actually fix a bunch of TC flickering when TestComplete has performed an operation.


Has anyone else seen this?

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Hi jaydee,


We saw this issue on some Wndows 10 computers. The following should prevent apps from starting randomly:


  • Disable the SuperFetch service.

  • Disable all background apps in Start > Settings > Privacy > Background apps.

  • Disable TestComplete option Enable support for testing Windows Store applications in Tools > Options > Engines > General Options and restart TestComplete.

Helen Kosova
SmartBear Documentation Team Lead
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Note: the SuperFetch service, has been renamed to SysMain

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