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What is the best approach to Interacting with applications on other computers on the network

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What is the best approach to Interacting with applications on other computers on the network

My question is not in regards to running my tests on multiple computers. This is a question about how I can interact with applications on a computer while running a test on a separate computer. Let me give a general explanation of our setup to help make this clear. 


We have a redundant system that is hosted on 2 servers. Let's call them Server 1 and Server 2. We then have other computers that are workstations that run the application. This is where I will be running my tests.  So if I want to trigger an event and verify it occurred, the manual process would be to go to the Server that is currently acting as primary and trigger the event. Then I would go to a workstation and verify the event is displayed.  Is there a way to tell TestComplete to go perform certain actions on other machines on the network for a given test? I thought Network Suite might do it but everything I read says it is depreciated.  

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Can you trigger the event from the workstation where TestComplete is running?

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I can not. The event simulator has to be run from the current primary host. It is the nature of our applications design I am afraid. There are just certain things that have to be done this way. This is just 1 example. Another would be killing the primary server and making sure the transition to the second server happens correctly without interrupting the user on the workstation. 

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I would ask Support your question directly.  Here's the link:

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Network Suite is deprecated but not removed and there are quite a few votes for keeping it in the product (

Also, this article might appear to be useful for you:


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