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Way to clear all Internet Explorer memory within a script?

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Way to clear all Internet Explorer memory within a script?

I am having an issue where while running scripts/keywordtests on our web based application, the iexplore memory is building up until TestComplete can no longer "find" the internet explorer window even though it is there, open and active.  Once I close down Internet Explorer completely and reopen it, the application and navigate back to the point it stopped, it works fine.  While monitor memory useage while running the scripts, IE (iexplore) increase to a million plus kilobytes. 


What I am wondering is does anyone know how to clear the memory within a keywordtest or vb script without actually closing the internet explorer window?  I am trying to find a work around, which doesn't involve manual input. 

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You don't say which OS and which version of IE, both of which would be helpful.


However, there are some suggestions in the first/only response here:


... which may be a reasonable starting point.


And some more here:


Google is your friend. Smiley Wink


There is an patch for TC (CC-5019) that will fix this. We were having the same problem with memory inflation in IE and after we installed the patch, the issue was resolved. If you are using TC11, you can request the same patch we did.


See here for more info, this is a known issue on all browsers:

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