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Wait Method Time doesn't wait the time set, test fails, then operation in test succeeds

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Wait Method Time doesn't wait the time set, test fails, then operation in test succeeds

I am trying to use Wait methods for parts of my initialization tests. These tests simply launch the Service Host and the desktop client. On the test that launches the service host the WaitProperty works successfully. On the test that launches the desktop client the Wait methods used (we've tried WaitProperty, WaitChild, WaitChildAlias, and WaitWPFObject) don't execute. Instead, the test times out and fails almost immediately after startup and doesn't wait the time i provided in the parameters. But then after TestComplete stops running the test the application launches just fine. A delay here works, though we'd prefer a Wait Method.


So what I'm thinking is that there's something happening during a Wait Method that isn't happening during a Delay that's causing the desktop and TestComplete to have some sort of issue with each other. Any ideas?

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Let's see your code for the Wait that's failing please.

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Thank you for willing to help here, Marsha!


@chasscrapdragon  were you able to solve this?

If not, please provide the info, Marsha is requesting.


Another way to proceed is opening a support ticket here

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