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WPF Combobox have no ClickItem


WPF Combobox have no ClickItem

Good day everybody,


I try to use a ClickItem in WPF-Combobox but unfortunatly there is no ClickItem Method.


That is my Combobox: 


Photo 0.jpg , 1.jpg


TC make one Object for every Item in Combobox!

Photo 2.jpg


Have you maybe a solution. I want to use ItemIndex but there is no Itemindex Method



There are lots of possible answers to your question that we have found for you.  Have you tried any of them?  


As @tristaanogre and I have continued to explain, there may not be a ClickItem option for your object.  This means you will have to change your test.   Arguing with us about it will get you nowhere. 


Here's the link to Support.  You can ask them your question directly.


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