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Using RegExp with aqString.Contains

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Using RegExp with aqString.Contains

I am trying to check to see if a string contains any letters using the following code. 


          if(aqString.Contains(info[i], /[A-Za-z]/) != -1)
            an = "a";

This if returns false even when it should return true. Any idea what is wrong? 


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According to this


"contains" is obsolete


"find" is the replacement


See if that works for you.


ETA:  This looks like a better option


and here is TC information on regular expressions

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Also, both "contains" and "find" don't support regular expressions.  The second parameter is the literal "sub-string" that you're searching for, not a regular expression.  This is why you're getting a false every time.  If you want to determine if a string contains another string based upon regular expression, you should use aqString.StrMatches (

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^^ Great minds think alike @tristaanogre   Man Tongue

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