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Using Java Bridge to Include Java classes to Scripts

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Using Java Bridge to Include Java classes to Scripts


I am creating some test code to carry out a feasibility check to see whether TestComplete can incorporate Java classes to current JS code. I have been following this guide: and have seen many people have success with this. However, I have created some dummy data, a simple Java calculator program to call in TestComplete with no success. I am not sure why I am having issues with making the auto-completion window appear when I type JavaClasses. Also, when running the code I get an error reading, 'Cannot read property of undefined'. I have provided some screenshots of how I am using the Java Bridge to call the jar and adding the classes as well as the error message I get. Any help or guidance on this would be greatly appreciated. 

Screenshot 2021-06-08 at 14.29.09.png



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All of this is in the link you mentioned in your first post:  


Did you do Part 1 noted here?


Have you done this section of Part 2?




Thank you for getting back to me Marsha. I have carried out both sections, 1 and 2. I am not sure why the Code Completion window is not appearing.



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