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Using BDD with TestComplete UI automation

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Using BDD with TestComplete UI automation

Our firm is shifting more into agile mode and BDD is the hot talk of the town. The BDD approach will obviously not eliminate the necessity of UI tests, but I am curious if anyone in the TestComplete universe has ever used BDD w/ TestComplete ui automation.


What were your challenges\benefits?

How was your setup? Here in our firm, the plan is to use BDD as more targeted acceptance tests with TestComplete ui automation to plug in any functional gaps.


Any advice would be appreciated.





This certianly is an interesting topic and one that comes up from time to time. I am sure there are plenty on the community forum that can add to the discussion however SmartBear have released in the pas some interesting articles on BDD. Some are below




3. - Cucumber integration


Hopefully some of those articles will help getting you started on the road to BDD framework



Damien Walsh


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Thank you for the suggestion. Yes we did look over the articles. They are more on the lines of running Cucumber or Spectacle scripts in TC. We have our own BDD tool that is in-housed.


My query is more along the lines of examples, experiences, and approaches anyone in the community would like to share. Especially tag teaming ui automation w/TC and acceptance testing-integration testing w/a BDD tool.

@gopster1283 Actually, I have somewhat the same question. Would like to start using BDD with TestComplete. Either with Cucumber or Lettuce or even another tool if it's better and able to integrate with TestComplete.


Did you have received any feedback?





In 14.0, we introduced native BDD support in TestComplete. Have a look at our documentation here:


Hope this helps accelerate your BDD efforts.



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