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Upload test results in a different format than .mht when using Azure DevOps

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Upload test results in a different format than .mht when using Azure DevOps

We are using Azure DevOps for our pipeline. In this pipeline we kick off TestComplete and the test results are than attached as a .mht file to the test run. Since .mht files can only be opened by Internet Explorer and since Internet Explorer is deprecated: is there a way to store the files in a different format, e.g. zipped .html or zipped. xml and have them attachted to the test run? 

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There are many options for your test log format.  Here are some details:

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Thanks for your reply. I've already looked into that option and it does create a test report in a different file format. However if I run it in the pipeline it only uploads the .mht file and not the zipped .html file which I generated. And I see no possibility to change the extension of the .mht. 


Let's see your connection string for Azure Devops. 

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Hi @maartenv247 ! Were you able to solve this one?

If not, please provide Marsha with the info she seeks, or contact the support team here.

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Hi Marsha, 


Sorry for the late response. It took me this long, because I was trying to figure what you meant with "Let's see your connection string for Azure Devops", and I still don't have a clue, but maybe that is also part of my problem. I included a screenshot and I am hoping that is what you meant #fingerscrossed  



Check if this thread (starting from the referenced reply) helps somehow:


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