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Upgrade Test complete 11.11 to 11.20 license issues


Upgrade Test complete 11.11 to 11.20 license issues

I am trying to upgrade Test complete from 11.11 to 11.20 but having problems with licesing.

1. Uninstall Test complete 11.11 and also deactivated the license.

2. Generate a new key on license portal for this deactivated key.

3. Install the Test complete 11.20 and provides all the licensing details , got the message license has bee activated successfully  even on the licensing portal it displays it is activated with machine name and time stamp.

4. But when I launch Test complete I am getting message unable to find an activated license.


Operating System: Widnows 8.1 Enterprise


I have done these steps twice but no luck. Any ideas?


This happened with me 2 days ago. We have a node license and moved TC from my PC to a standalone PC so I had to generate a new key for the re-install. I know it sounds wonky but all I did was wait around 15 minutes and re-open TC and started the install all over again. Then the newly generated key was accepted. 

IRISQATeam> Keep in mind that with the newer licenses, you have to also activate a Platform license as well as any module license that may want.  If you don't activate a Platform license, TestComplete will keep complaining about not finding a license every time you try to run it.


VFixed> This sounds a little different.  You may have had a comm problem with our License Activation Server and the initial attempt of license activation never really got through.  We've had some moments of server problems in past week or so.

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