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Unable to spy the objects desktop application

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Unable to spy the objects desktop application

Hi Support,

I am working on desktop  Libra Office application and I am unable to spy the objects. When I am trying to identify, only window is getting highlighted and the child objects are not getting identified.





->In object Spy image you can see only application boarder getting highlighted.
-> I have also added few property values in text recognition section in  [refer image no 2 image  ]
->I have also added extended property in  text recognition section [refer image no 3 image]

->I have also updated the MSAA  [refer MSAA object image ]

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Thanks for tagging me in this post but I don't know libra office.

HI @MW_Didata thanks for the reply but the thing is
i am asking why my object Spy is not identifying the objects..

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Thanks for tagging me in this post but I have not worked on desktop application

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I'm not using TestComplete, please don't tag me for that.

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So, I'm not familiar with LibreOffice so I can't speak specifically to the application itself...but there in lies the issue.  Without familiarity with the application, I cannot say, for sure, what the solution for your problem is.  All I can do is make a guess.  So, here's my guess:


In your "data.png" file, what I see is that in Form("LibreOffice"), there's another component Client("LibreOffice").  That kind of speaks to me that what we're seeing inside the form is some sort of web client, web form, etc., that is being served up inside the form.  Like iFrames and other similar components, this may be masking the contents so that they aren't shown as individual components.  It would be as if I was trying to map control that are served up inside a Remote Desktop connection.  

I guess my first place to start would be to examine Client("LibreOffice") and determine what that actually is and see if there's a way I can use MSAA or some other leverage to get to the contents of that component.

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As you can see, it it not helpful to tag people in your posts if they are not helping you already. Please don't do this in the future.


This board is not directly related to Support. If you want to talk to Support, send them a message here:


Here are some requirements for working with MSAA objects. You can check and make sure that you have followed all these steps.





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