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Unable to select objects in the Windows Start Menu

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Unable to select objects in the Windows Start Menu

Hi all,

I'm replicating some specific QA steps that our desktop support team uses before sending out a new laptop. Unfortunately, Test Complete is not able to detect any specific shortcuts or labels in the Start Menu and Taskbar. I added the relevant classes to MSAA and UI Automation. That at least allowed me to select specific items in in the taskbar, but the Start Menu is still selected as one big rectangle. Are you able to select specific items in the start menu while recording or using Object Spy with no issues? If so, any ideas on what I should check next? I'm really trying to get the standard object spy piece working instead of trying to inventory everything from the start menu in a script.

Thanks for your help!


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There are examples of running things from the Start Menu in here



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Thanks Marsha,

That did help me find what I was looking for in the Object Tree anyway. I can work with that. Is there any reason that these items cannot be selected during a recording or with object spy?



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