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Unable to run Script in TestExecute, Getting Error object doesn't support this property or Mehtod

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Unable to run Script in TestExecute, Getting Error object doesn't support this property or Mehtod

Created project using VBScript to launch application. was able to run using TestComplete. when i closed Testcomplete and tried to run same script using TestExecute was Getting Error object doesn't support this property or Mehtod : 'Aliases.Appliaction'.

I Guess there is a problem withAliases mappling. please  could anyone help me out? 

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Can you show the code from the Unit1 script?

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Is Test Executive running on the same machine? If not, have you checked to make sure that the Namemapping file was properly transferred to the new machine?

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If I'm running the same code using Test Execute 12, then I'm able to use aliases in my code, but the problem remain same if I'm using Test Execute 10. Thank you for your help and support 🙂

Hold on.


Your code was developed in TestComplete v12 right?


In which case, it will not run in TestExecute v10.


You can't run code from a newer version in an older one.....

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i have developed code in TestComplete 10 only, and able to run in TestExecute 12.



I think the sequence here may be important.


So ....


Project developed in TC10.

Project runs in TE12.

Project will not run in TE10.


What order did you run them in?


@HKosova .... may be able to confirm here, but if you run a TC10 project in TE12, it may well update it to TE12 standards. Which would then prevent it running on TE10? Sounds plausible to me.


But if you develop it in TC10.

Run it on TE10, it should be OK.

Run it on TE12, it should still be OK.

But then go back to TE10, it no longer runs.


Would confirm it.

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I'm following beolow sequence:


Developed it on TC10.

Ran it on TE10, wasn't working.

Ran it on TE12, was working fine.


OK. That's weird. Think you'll need to contact support on this one cos the sequence you posted looks like it should be OK to me ...

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