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Unable to map object created from Style

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Unable to map object created from Style

We have this application where we have the UI created from Style ( a WPF feature to create UI). the problem we have is we are unable to map the individual object within this window. Please see the attached application, try to map the OK/ Cancel button or the checkboxes in the window.

Is there any way from TC that can overcome this problem? Without able to map the object, we can't click on them.

Step to reproduce:

1.       Run the Exe found WpfApplication2\bin\Debug , WpfApplication2.exe.

2.       Click the button “Button Me”, a dialog window will popup.

3.       This dialog window UI coding is a reduced version from the Select From List.

4.       Using TestComplete tool, many various inner controls cannot be selected/highlighted.

Kindly advise. Thanks!

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Hi Tan,

Just an idea: doesn't the approach from the "Support for Composite WPF Controls" help topic work for you?
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No, the Help file doesn't help because in our way of testing, we have a framework that we need to pick out the object reference from the application window so that the framework will take action on the particular object.

Our issue now is that we are unable to highlight the object within the window in order to get the object reference of the individual object.

We have all the needed plugins installed.

Hi Tan,

Please clarify whether you tried to gain access to the objects as it is described in the "Support for Composite WPF Controls" help topic. Also, explain in detail why the approach is not convenient for you.

Dmitry Nikolaev

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