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Unable to clear a (material ui 5) datepicker field on Firefox - works fine on Edge and Chrome

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Unable to clear a (material ui 5) datepicker field on Firefox - works fine on Edge and Chrome

We have several date fields in our system, implemented using Material UI 5.10.2 datepicker. Our system is tested on Edge, Chrome and Firefox.


We have some tests that clear the text component part of the datepicker field using SetText("").

This is working fine on Edge and Chrome however on Firefox it does not clear the field. I have also tried using Keys("") followed by a Keys("[Tab]"], which does not work either 

Has anyone else come across this or anything similar to this?

Any ideas how I can clear the field in Firefox?


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Actually, .Keys("") does nothing, so I am not surprised that the field is not cleared. (To press Space key you should call .Keys(" ") -- space between quotes.)

What if you give a try to something like:

obj.Click(); // to set input focus into control;

obj.Keys("^A"); // Control-A to select all text (or "[Home]![End" -- Home, then Shift-End for the same purpose, or anything else that will select all text within control

obj.Keys("[Del]"); // Delete to clear the control


Does it help?


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Thanks Alex.

obj.Keys("^A");  didn't work for me on Firefox, it opened a new tab with showing add-ons 


however, this did work.


obj.Keys(" "[Home]![End]") 



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