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Unable to call Flash methods from TC

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Unable to call Flash methods from TC


Iam unable to call flash methods in AS3 from TestComplete.

I have used ExternalInterface.addCallback for exposing the methods.

But when i try to call as mentioned in the tutorial, it says "Type Message Time Link

Unable to find the object CelsToReaum(100). 14:59:58 "

Please help !!!!!!!

Also please update the link on flash application unit testing, it is highly misleading !!




Hi Rupesh,

See our reply in the following newsgroup thread:

As for the link, it works OK. Maybe, you tried to navigate to the article when our web site was under reconstruction or there were some network problems.

BTW, in the future, please do not send us duplicated requests (note that we reply to messages sent via the Contact Support form, AutomatedQA newsgroups, AutomatedQA forums and the TestComplete section of the SQAforums site). This makes processing your requests much more difficult for us and does not increase the requests priority anyway.

Best regards,

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