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Unable to access child bands of infragistics UltraGrid

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Unable to access child bands of infragistics UltraGrid


My UI has a table which can be expanded for entering / reading data from rows & column. It seems like I unable to access child bands of Infragistics UltraGrid.

I did check on line for few possible solutions. However, I am still not able to figure it out. I also opened a ticket with SmartBear hoping they would be able to give some solutions. 

In the mean time, if any of you has any clue on the subject and help me out, I would really appreciate it. I am using TC for the first time. 



Subrata Saha 




Normally for these kinds of things the first thing I start with is determining if the MSAA or UI Automation properties for the project need to be added. 


I start by enabling the (*) for MSAA, saving my project then spying the application to see if that gains visibility into the desired objects. If not, I turn that off then do the same for UI Automation. If either of these work for visibility, you can then add the custom definitions for these objects to retain visibility. As enabling (*) for either can cause in increase in usage of system resources by TC, so this is just a troubleshooting step. 


MSAA Options;


UI Automation Options;


I hope this helps!


Solutions Engineer @ SmartBear
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