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UltraGrid - get DATA only visible row

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UltraGrid - get DATA only visible row



i need filtering only visible row on screen in UltraGrid with Javascript.


UltraGrid has total 33 row but visible is only 5. I get only visible row with this code..




I need to go through only these five visible lines and compare them to the string..


 How do I go through (cycle for??) the values ​​of these visible rows? Thank you your advice!


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I'm not familiar with that control and, without it in front of me or appropriate screenshots of available properties, methods, etc., I can't give you explicit instructions on how to do it.  I have two theoretical ways that may work:


Option 1:

Using the VisibleRow count, do a for loop on visible row count.  First thing in the loop should be a comparison of the top row to your desired string.  Then use a keystroke to go down a row.  Then loop that.  I've done something similar in other controls and this has worked with some success.


Option 2:

Use a for loop to loop through all 33 rows.  In the loop, for any given row, check to see if that row has a property that indicates visibility.  If the row is not visible, do nothing.  If it is, do your comparison.


These are JUST guesses... hopefully they'll point you in the correct direction.

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