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UI (browser) testing via Gitlab runner

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UI (browser) testing via Gitlab runner

I'd like to use TestComplete, executed via Gitlab, to test a browser based system.  To accomplish this, a remote session into the windows machine with TestComplete installed must already be active prior to the actual TestComplete test being executed, correct?  Additionally the remote session must not be minimized nor can the machine which created the remote session be locked.  Is there any way around these limitations.

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Yep.  I read that section.  I based my questions on it.

The Tips and Workarounds section at the bottom of the page has your answers.

The minimize question is answered but the others remain.  I'm looking for clarity/confirmation after reading the document.  On the following:

1) Is an existing remote session required in the described context.

2) If an existing remote session is required is there any way the machine which created the remote session can be locked?

1)  Yes, as per steps 3 & 4 here, the remote session must be created before you can contact it to start TestComplete.




2) Yes, if you disconnect from the remote session as described in the Tips and Workarounds. The disconnecting instructions are here






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