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Type Mismatch

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Type Mismatch



I have a simple datadriven test case that opens up a page and fills in values to the fields. 

Excel doc has 3 different values for each column (eg: eamil, name etc).


The test runs fine but when it reaches the end of the loop for some reason it tries to go 4th time (or if I delete the rows and only will have 1 row, TC will try to open the page the 2nd time) and then failes with 'type mismatch".


Any ideas? Screenshots attched.

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Excel thinks that the next row has data in it even if you don't see any.  I've seen some threads in the forum on how to get around this but the quickest solution I found was just to copy my data to a new sheet, being very careful not to get extra rows in there.

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If Marsha's answer doesn't help, please attach your excel file here

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This is very annoying, now it happens even if I start from fresh sheet!..

Okay, then, like @karkadil said, please attach your Excel file here and we will help you analyze it.

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