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Trying to click "File|User Form" clicks wrong form


Trying to click "File|User Form" clicks wrong form

I am testing an application that opens many different forms and windows. Using automation when I open "Form1" and click the menu "File|UserForm2", it opens a second form (Userform2).  On this second form I need to click the menu  "File|ThirdForm" to open a third form.


Instead of clicking "File|Thirdform", testcomplete switches back to "Form1" and clicks "File" on that form again.  I have tried to click on upper bar on "Userform2", I have tried to use "Focus" on "Userform2", but it keeps going back to "Form1" and clicking "File"...


Any ideas?? I have been stuck here for a while now.....

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It would be good to see the actual code you are executing.  What it sounds like is that you're clicking the File menu on the first form... this would be evident in how the code/keyword test is referencing the "click" action and what form is the parent of it.

It is also possible that you have an object identification error where Userform2 and Form1 are not identified with unique enough properties to be able to make the distinction.  So, in addition to your code, we should examine how those forms are mapped in your NameMapping configuation.  Please include a screenshot of the NameMapping tree for the two different forms and the properties that you are using for identification.

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Thanks Robert,

I am fairly new to testcomplete and am doing some reading on object mapping,  hopefully this will cure my ills  🙂


Thanks, I will repond later to let you know if I figured it out.



Well, that was easy, thanks again for the heads up on where to look.



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