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Toolbar item is "Edit" is disabled error

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Toolbar item is "Edit" is disabled error



I am having a hard time solving this issue where my edit item seems disabled but it is not.Looks to me like the testcomplete might not be picking up the right item, even thought the image shows that it has the correct item. 

I place a breakpoint there, and did a stepover, and it still says "edit" item is disabled.


Any other suggestion.

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I think you're on the right track on the object identifciation perhaps being off.  However, without information as to how your NameMapping is identifying the object and information about how the object shows up in your application, there's little I can do.


If you could provide:


1) Screenshot showing your NameMapping where the object being identified is indicated. Please make it of the "Mapped Objects" panel of NameMapping so we can see the full identification tree

2) Screenshot showing the Object Browser where the component in question is highlighted with available properties (Advanced view would be preferrable).

3) Screenshot or code of the test steps your are attempting to execute.

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